Denver Area Mac Repair Liquid Spills

Liquid Spills on your Mac are a more common Problem than most people think.

Best to keep drinks 24" away from your Mac that way you have time to get your Apple MacBook/Pro out of the way of the Liquid.

Liquid spills can be the most costly repair to have done.  Apple doesn't cover Liquid spills under their Applecare programs.

With a Liquid spill the are dots that Apple installs in various locations of the machine that turn Red when Liquid hits them.

The most costly is damage to the is actual damage to the Logic board and or the top case which can cost several hundreds of dollars.  

Sometimes the Logic board can be cleaned and the machine will work again.

If the Mac won't turn on sometimes it can be a much cheaper fix by replacing the Keyboard Top case.

denvermacrepair.NET serving the Denver area since 1998 offers Fast Mac Repair in most situations for these and many other issues.

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Liquid Spill Red Dot