iPad Should I get one?

Is the iPad worth it? When and if I should get one? Will the price come down? Do I have the will Power?  

Is this going to be another Apple Crack product that we don't want to live without?  Apple is currently creating a buzz for the iPad . Apple is not known for creating a buzz without backing it up with substance.  So there is no question that the Zen experience will be there.  Question is the pricing with the state of the economy.   

Well lets look at the chances of success of the iPad.  Everyone that owns a iPhone or iPod touch is probably going to get one eventually.  The Big question is the price.  I personally am not going to spend $729 for the one I want if my will power is strong enough.  The 3G is the one that most people will want cause of the potential of discontinuing their Comcast or Qwest service.  The companies that offer this service will be forced to lower their monthly fees or lose business.  TV shows and other content will become more of a reality over the internet.