Time Capsule Review                   

The initial Backup on Time Capsule is slow. The first backup will go faster if you use an Ethernet cable.  After the fist backup you can backup wirelessly and it works as advertised.  After I backed up a couple of times then I started deleting documents and programs I rarely use.  Backing up wirelessly only takes 5-10 minutes after the initial backup.

What is really surprising  is my experience with the Time Machine is the speed bump on the wireless connection to the internet.  With my previous Airport Extreme I got about 10-12mbps with Comcast.  With the Time Capsule I get an average speed of 20mbps+.  The whole package works together like a dream. What will happen with the introduction of the SDK next month?  Apple is the only company that integrates everything so smoothly! The excitement of the evolution of these important communication tools is continuing  at a pace that will excelerate once the SDK is made final in June.

I have to give Time Capsule a 9 out of 10.  Im taking 1 point away for the lack of firewire.  Ya I love my firewire but this would of made Time Capsule the ultimate appliance of this kind.  Well Happy Macing until later,

Update on the Time Capsule. Due to numerous updates the Time Capsule a Wonderful product that will automatically backup your info cause HARD DRIVES FAIL!

Please Backup your info weather it is with a External Hard Drive or a Time Capsule.