Macbook Pro 2.4ghz Review


FAST much faster than the Aluminum MacBook Pro of the same speed.
This is a really powerful PORTABLE Mac!
A Cool running machine that is Solidly built!hen   
BATTERY LIFE is improved substantialy over the Aluminum MacBook Pro's.  The new MacBook Pro unibody is lasting up to 10 hours.
SOUND--    Speakers are Great for this size machine with improved volume! 
SCREEN-- Extremely bright screen so much so that I turn the brightness down to about half!     non issue!  
SCREEN COLOR INTEGRITY is very good but due to the glossy finish shows colors to be more saturated then the Matt screen which produce more accurate colors.
Multi gesture Trackpad is assume.
Comes with 4gigs of Ram and is upgradable to 8GIGS of Ram and a 250gig Hard Drive.

CONCLUSION  A Solid machine that is near perfect!  The price of the machine is excellent with more value than was previously available.
Just buy it as it is or upgrades can make this machine run like lightning.
Rate this machine 9.85 out of 10!