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Best Cell Phone Carrier Denver

Cell Phone Carrier Denver Review

Over the Years I have had every major Cell Phone Carrier in Denver.

I have Owned Mostly iPhones but have had an iPhone on every Carrier so this review for consistentcy sake is basic on this.


Where I live this service was the worst of them all.  Endless promices to upgrade towers in my area. Also stated they need a certain number of complaints to make changes.


Expensive and the LTE network is very fast but inconsistant in my location.

Second time I had a trial period and they still charged me for time used within the 2 week time trial.  

Had to call twice to have the phone removed from my billing.

Very Cororate not friendly at all.


Very good service in my location but lied to about the time frame as to when the LTE network would be available in my area. Had my iPhone 5 for 6 months and prorate charge only went down $10 in the first 6 months.

People here are VERY Friendly!


The service in the city is best for me.  The no contract give me a sence of security and freedom.  The friendliness is very good.



Backing Up Your Stuff on a Mac

Time Macine Program on the Mac is the easiest way to backup your entire Mac.

So Why should I use Time Machine?

Well if your machine crashes it makes it a walk in the Park you get all your important stuff back.

Time Machine can be accesed in different places like your System Preferences under the Apple Menu in the top left corner of the Display.

Below is a picture of the Time Machine Control Panel.

Select your backup drive and Time Machine will start Automatically.

Screen Shot 2013-04-11 at 11.51.38 AM

As you can see here the last time Machine backup attempt  didn't run because the external Hard Drive or Time Capsule was not connected..

The Time Machine Schedule can be changed in ther Terminal Program by typing the following

sudo defaults write /System/Library/LaunchDaemons/ StartInterval -int 18000

The time is in seconds so 18000 is 5 hours

Thanks and remember to backup cause Hard Drives WILL fail.

What to do when You have a Liquid Spill on Your Mac

First thing is Shut Down your Mac.

Do NOT turn it back on!

Repeat Do NOT turn it back on!

If the spill is on the Keyboard turn the machine upside down.

Can you remove the battery?

Depends on which Macbook/Pro you have?

The more current Mac Laptops use 

Tri-wing Triangle Y Shape Screwdriver to remove the battery

Let the machine dry out.

Remove the bottom case cover and check for bluish green marks on the logic board.

Ground Yourself after the battery is removed.

If you see this the logic board must be cleaned.  

These marks are possible damage to the logic board. 

After completely cleaning your logic board and making sure the machine is COMPLETLY dry you and see if the machine will turn on.