iPad Review

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What about the iPad? Are you Kidding me?

Well being a Mac person the first thing is to  get over the excitement of a new Mac Product.  Its all about the Experience.  Ya playing with the iPad for 10 minutes is going to give you a WOW experience with the way the Apps work.  Playing with the iPad for 2 days I realize each App is a individual experience thats more detailed then the iPhone Apps.  That is the real WOW!  The iPad will appeal to 80% of computer users as a viable alternative to Laptops.  Most people use a computer for email and internet surfing.  Well the iPad does these 2 things in Artistic Harmony plus it doesn't stop there.  Movies like Netflix,News,Games.  Are you Kidding me? What about the music? Well let me tell you that there is a strange and wonderful comical way the iPad produces sound. Ya it vibrates and has a wonderful sound! The APPS are becoming increasingly top shelf and useful. I can use Skype for making Phone calls over WiFi. The iBook App is huge! Well is the iPad worth the price? Are you kidding me?  Expose yourself to the Best things people have done. Quote from Steve Jobs.  This is why Apple has such a great product.  Steve said this and means it. 

  The iPad gives one the intimate experience with having a large screen to view at a close distance.  The sound quality is excellent.

I use the News,Games,Mail,Calender,ToDo's,Netflix and iBooks Most on mine.

The iBook for instance haves great controls including the ability to change the Font size/Font type and Brightness of the screen within the Application.

The Downside?  Apps cost more than the iPhone but are they expensive? In comparison to what? Not to the general Apps for the Mac itself. 

Lack of Flash?  You know don't know for sure but maybe flash wont play nice with iAds? Don't know or maybe it is as Steve Jobs says it is a outdated substandard program.  HTML 5 does make sense.

Coming next Great must have App's for the iPad.

Until Later

Rick Levitt

Macintosh Computer ITech Inc