iPad 3rd Generation Review

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The 3rd Generation iPad is heavier then the iPad to so be careful when watching a movie in bed. CAUTION: If you fall asleep it might bonk you in the nose.

Do you think that Steve Jobs would let this iPad out the door being heavier than the iPad 2? No

Screen resolution is sweet. Does it make the purchase a deal maker? Yes! All said

Graphics Redraw is much faster so this is a biggy.

The camera I  expected a 8 megapixel camera.  The cameras in the Last  iPad  has lagged behind.  This is a bad Apple move here.

The 5 megapixel camera  has very good exposure and sharpness. 

The WiFi is not any better than the iPad 2 at this point in time.  There might be a Software update in the near future.

Yes it does run warmer but I haven't seen this as a big deal.

So is it worth upgrading to the 3rd Generation iPad?

Im going to say it is still to early to say because there are always software upgrades that make Apple equipment run faster.   It cost me about $175 to upgrade after selling my iPad 2.  

In the past we have learned to expect more from Apple as far as the wow factor. Not every product upgrade is going to be an revolution.   

I must say though the 3rd Generation iPad is a solid computer or Tablet.  This I predict will lead to the progression of higher quality games and a migration of TV/Movie channels on the internet. The iPad is one of the Best electronic inventions. Period 

  I remember when I started using Mac it was a total addiction.  Millions upon millions of people feel this way right now. (Apple Crack) The iPad is definitely the future of computing.  The ease of use.  This medium will become more and more powerful as time goes on. 

  The new iPhoto for the iOS is functional and fun to use with the cool graphics and animation.  This program is highly recommended.  

  Jetpack is free and a must have for games.

Thanks for checking this out!

Happy Macintosh ing!

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