My Opinion of the iPhone 5

First thing noticed about the iPhone 5 is the weight.  The first few days it felt to light and almost cheap.

But as time went on I find the phone is solidly built and the second thing I noticed was the screaming speed!

Yes very cool speeds. I first had Verizon but could not keep their service because the phone service was sporadic. 

The LTE serive can be faster then my broadband internet.  Does that mean the next iPad will have a chip 

comparable to the A6 Apple?  Yes of course and everyone will upgrade. 

 MAPS  Yes info can be wrong but I find the turn by turn amazing!

I have done onsite Mac Repair for a very long time and this makes followinfg directions on the road super easy.

BATTERY LIFE is excellent and the Phone charges extremely fast with the new connector!

CAMERA is very good but the star here is the Panarama feature which can also be done on the 4S. Gives you creative effects. Very COOL!

I might additional postings on the improvments of the iPhone 5 or IOS 6.

The following pictures are taken with the iPhone 5. The camera is so much fun!

Apple has taken and excellent product and made it GREAT!

Thanks for reading!

Rick Levitt

Macintosh Computer iTech

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