IPhone 4 Review

In Short the more I use the IPhone 4 is like a Fine Leica Camera. I beleive ther about 225,000 Apps available for the iPhone.  

  ATT can no longer rely on having an exclusive contract for the iPhone.  T-Mobile will unlock the iPhone as Verizon has the iPhone for Sale.

Yahoo Messenger-- Get your friends on Yahoo messenger for free texting.

 Construction of the IPhone 4 is pure solid! Yes does feel very cool to hold. 

Picture quality is spectacular!! Like a fine Leica camera.

Safari for the internet when you need information.  

Google maps lookup is important when you get lost. Which I do on occasion. Great for looking up businesses and finding out their phone number. 

Mail keeps you in touch with your business contacts while out and about.

What about the keyboard?  Couldn't be easier!  I can type quickly.  

I use the Timer when Im cooking, use the weather, and Stocks. 

The Camera is great for a quick shot to E-mail to someone or when you need documentation. Video for making iMovies!

I never used Texting before but now I use it all the time.

Once you use the Iphone for a while you will see the simplicity and usefulness.

The Iphone and a Mac make the most powerful easy to use combination that cannot be equaled anywhere.

Will everyone one day own an IPhone? Everyone should!

Yes it gives me an unfair advantage over the competition.  Information is in your pocket and you can conduct business anywhere.

Oh did I mention YouTube?

My Music?

Genuis Playlist is spectacular!

3RD Party Applications

Red Laser  Scan barcodes 


New York Times,  

Learning Apps etc.

Games of course

The IPhone is the modern mans pocket knife? Maybe the Dick Tracy watch but better! 

Rick Levitt

Macintosh Computer iTech