Cell Phone Carrier Denver Review

Over the Years I have had every major Cell Phone Carrier in Denver.

I have Owned Mostly iPhones but have had an iPhone on every Carrier so this review for consistentcy sake is basic on this.


Where I live this service was the worst of them all.  Endless promices to upgrade towers in my area. Also stated they need a certain number of complaints to make changes.


Expensive and the LTE network is very fast but inconsistant in my location.

Second time I had a trial period and they still charged me for time used within the 2 week time trial.  

Had to call twice to have the phone removed from my billing.

Very Cororate not friendly at all.


Very good service in my location but lied to about the time frame as to when the LTE network would be available in my area. Had my iPhone 5 for 6 months and prorate charge only went down $10 in the first 6 months.

People here are VERY Friendly!


The service in the city is best for me.  The no contract give me a sence of security and freedom.  The friendliness is very good.